How to create fresh environment by Planting at home

Let’s talk about the most common topic and how are we living and how is modern life routines changing the way of our living standards and mindset. What makes the difference in our living everyday life and how can we improvise living with limited resources. Our daily life work’s suck the energy out of us and after work coming back home doesn’t feel quite energetic.

We spend most of the time at home. Is there way’s we can decorate a home that elevates us and motivate.

As a middle-class earning family, it’s hard to decorate the home and have something that makes you cheered up. We will bring you the knowledge and products to keep you positive, wise and balanced.

Our aim is to encourage all homeowners to feel energised, refreshed and stay positive by designing, creating and decorating your home with minimal investment and have an elegant living as well. Most importantly, Decoration should also reflect the soul of the owner

Let’s explore the ways of decorating a house, which makes you feel welcome and fill you up with positive energy and the surrounding of the house itself. Plants are the most important part of the home décor and there are different types of indoor/Outdoor plant which enhance the missing quality of yourself and establish a positiveness.  We have taken consideration of the minimalist lovers as well.

For example:

  • Aloe Vera: The energy of freedom and creativity. Great for who likes change and living in a small space. Less maintenance, Ideal for frequent travellers.
  • Bonsai: The energy of harmony, wisdom and calm. They tend to have a meditative and therapeutic effect. This is ideal for balancing your life and de-stress from hectic life.
  • Cactus: The energy of protection and endurance. Helps you going through a tough time.
  • Ficus: The energy of abundance and peace. Symbol of unity and success.
  • Pothos: The energy of the perseverance and longing. Keeps you motivated towards your dream. Hanging pothos is more effective.
  • Bamboo: The energy of good fortune and longevity. Great for who is entering a new chapter in their life or moving on from the past unforgettable chapters.
  • Money- Tree: The symbol of good fortune and wealth. Keeps you motivated if you’re career-driven and starting to work on new ideas.
  • Monstera: The energy of honour, respect and longevity. Keeps the positivity up and helps to maintain a peaceful and balance family
  • Peace lily: The energy of peace and sympathy, helps to heal the pain of the loved ones and a reminder of the peace.
  • Philodendrons: The symbol of growth and love of nature. Great fit for the passionate eco-friendly lover. Great gift for someone making personal improvements.
  • Prayer plant: The energy of devotion and focus. Great combo for those who love fitness, and yoga and spirituality.
  • Snake plant: The energy of cleanliness and tenacity. It naturally purifies the surrounding air. Helps to improve the freshness of your home. To properly care for them, you must be accurate when watering to avoid getting their leaves wet.
  • Spider Plant: The energy of mindfulness and good health. Absolutely, best for the meditation lovers and stillness. Spreads the healing energy.
  • Succulent: The symbol of loyalty and endurance. A plant can survive through the extremely hot climate. Good news for the homeowners of the warm countries.
  • Venus Flytrap: The energy of strength and courage. Great for the adventure and eccentric lover’s. Keep the energy up.

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