Best ways of making your sleeping healthy.

Sleep Better, Feel Better

I’m good at sleeping, I can do it with my eyes closed

We’re writing this article to bring you the best ways of making your sleeping healthy. Why is sleep important part of life? And the right amount or right state of sleep effects on you and your daily routines. Health experts have defined many ways to make sleep healthy but we all know the daily hectic workload makes it hard follow thru the recommendation of the experts but if we change or replace the few things in your bedroom and bed can really help you to achieve it.

What is healthy sleep?

Above image makes easier to explain all the stages of sleep. Healthy sleep comes in the Theta to delta stage. The brain needs to relax and calm down to achieve that stage. The alpha stage is where your brain is dreaming of sleep. Benefits of healthy sleep are quick energy restoration, cell regeneration, increase in blood supply to muscles, quick repair of tissues and bones and strengthening the immune system.

A simple way to know if you had a better sleep is when you wake up. Are you feeling energised and in a very positive mood feels like having a very good day. However, if you wake up in an irritable mood and nothing feels good and bad-tempered. Consider it an unhealthy sleep.

In our old blogs, we’ve mentioned how the different decorating method affects the brain and body.

Bedroom and bed play a key role in your sleep. The bedroom should make you feel comfortable, welcoming and a calming vibe. Below are some few tricks to quickly change the bedrooms vibes.

Have soothing lighting, that just enough to give you comfy looks and makes you feel welcome. Use the warm white light. It will brighten the room up and white has the representation of purity and calming vibe. Don’t keep any Tv or electronics in your room other than your cell phone. Avoid using the cell phone and use it only for the emergency calls. Read a good book.

Get a soft linen bedsheet’s, because linen has the longest life compared to the other sheets. It has a very soft and comfortable feeling. Linen sheet is ideal for all temperature regulation warm and cold. Quite resistant to lint and abrasion. Linen fabric increases the skin moisture and dirt resistant (good for people with allergies) due to the use of plant flax in making of the fabric itself. The most important benefit over time it becomes softer and stronger with use and washing. It can last a decade. Worthwhile your money. Heaps of colour variant is present. Do choose to suit your room style.

Find out about the life of your mattress. If it’s needed a change. If your mattress shows the signs of wear and tear, noisy spring, muscle stiffness, your allergies are worsening, your partner is moving and you putting more weight on the mattress. Do opt for a memory foam mattress. It’s great in supporting, pressure relief and body contouring. Remembers the body shape and adjust according to give you an ideal comfortable position to sleep. It has a life span of 10 to 15 years. The advance version came into the market as well.

Best pillow to go with mattress is memory foam pillow. Will just leaves you with the best sleep.

Wake up to experience the best in the world.

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