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ways to look confident

8 Ways to Look Confident Even When You Are Not

I think that every guy around this world has come across a situation where they thought, they are confident, but in reality, they are not. But the situation is like that you have to be self-reliant and for that, you have to fake it. So, most of the time, you have to think about how …

Happy retirement

Happy retirement: How to achieve in 7 steps?

Make yourself ready for a fun ride in planning your happy retirement! As we start growing up, we see that slowly the price of any commodity or thing that we purchased yesterday is no longer the same as it is today. A movie ticket that costs $1 five years back is $4-$5 today. 1-litre milk …

Manage your time

Manage Your Time In 6 Simple & Effective Ways

Time is continuous, it never halts and can never backpedal. In the world of incessant evolution, if we are unable to manage our time, we are lacking in everything. Everyone in this world gets 24 hours to prove themselves and that needs to be used appropriately and wisely. Have you ever thought about what you …