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8 Ways to Look Confident Even When You Are Not

I think that every guy around this world has come across a situation where they thought, they are confident, but in reality, they are not. But the situation is like that you have to be self-reliant and for that, you have to fake it. So, most of the time, you have to think about how to gain confidence, and even appear to be confident even when you are not. There is some certain situation where you feel a lack of confidence, however, you have to find ways to look confident.

While to develop genuine confidence, it takes time that all we know, but some studies show that you can look confident with a few simple tips. So now I will be sharing with you some tips to look confident even when you are not.

1.   Building a Positive Attitude

Building a positive attitude will always help you to look impressive. And stop using negative words like ‘won’t’ or ‘but’ it shows that you are not sure about what you are talking rather than that use ‘and’ or ‘will’ these words show your positive attitude toward work.

And stop putting yourself down, stop apologizing unnecessarily, say thank you whenever someone praises you, believe in yourself. Whenever you are feeling less confident and nervous, think about your past success. It will surely help you to overcome your nervousness and anxiety. It will fill you from pride.

Start believing in yourself, build a positive attitude toward your work. Whenever you think like that you always achieve your goals, there’s a saying ‘give respect and take respect’, apply that saying in your own life be respectful to other people and they will be respectful to you. Value others then others will also value you.

2.   Building a Better Body Language

Body language is one of the best ways to judge someone’s confidence level, so if you want to look confident, you have to work on your body language. Make your body more expressive, use your body to show your thoughts, use hand gestures to explain your things out loud to people, maintain a good posture. Because if you are not maintaining a better stance, it shows that you are lazy and less confident.

According to a study by Harvard Business School, it shows that at times when we are not confident or nervous, we shrink our body so, we are less noticed. So, to look confident even when you are not, keep your back straight shoulder and chest tight chin up this will help you look confident. Shaking hands when you meet someone shows your sense of confidence.

3.   Keep Your Eyes on Other People

Do not take your eyes off when you are talking to someone. Taking eyes off shows that you are nervous and less confident. If you are among those people who do not take their eyes off while talking to someone then great it shows that you are honest, social and active.

Maintaining a eye contact while having a conversation proves that how confident, humble and honest we are towards our work. Some people avoid eye contact that shows a lack of attention and nervousness. So, stop avoiding and start contacting and make a warm and productive atmosphere.

4.   Ask Questions

Imagine that you are introduce to a new guy by your friend, but you are not comfortable talking with him and getting a little nervous and under-confident. Then “How to start a healthy conversation” is a question that is hitting in your mind. Keep in mind that not to ask a question that you don’t know.

It will give you time to prepare a comfortable atmosphere and be ready for the conversation. Put all your focus in asking questions that will help you to be warm and look confident even when you are not.

5.   Breathe Properly

Breathing is also one the best techniques to look confident, whenever you feel stressed or nervous concentrate on your breathing, it will help you to relax your mind. There are various breathing techniques such as ‘calm breathing’ and ‘equal breathing’ to manage anxiety and less confidence.

6.   Do not Doubt Yourself!

Keep a check on your voice while speaking, make sure that you sound confident. Doubting yourself while talking can lead to a mess. Whenever you are answering questions to fast, it shows lack of confidence. Calm down and answer questions slowly and with full coziness and avoid using question inflexion on your statements.

Be confident with your words while talking, talk in an authoritative tone, and make sure to speak meaningfully. If you are talking meaningless, then others will think you are not vital and doubt you always. Behave like you are Well aware of all the things that you are talking.

Confidence doesn’t mean to change yourself. It is surer about yourself and self-confident. Behave confidently, even when you are not, it is the best way to impress others.

7.   Stop Listening to Your Lizard Mind

There’s a part in our brain – ‘lizard brain’, this part of our brain keeps charge on our negativity, anxiety, stress and fear. Whenever we feel stressed and less confident, then a portion in our brain called Amygdala gets active. It increases the anxiety and nervousness in our mind.

So you have to keep control over your lizard brain, start treating your mind with love and compassion. Take deep breaths to relax the activation of Amygdala, which will help you to be in a confident state.

8.   Smile Always

It is one of the best ways to be confident. It makes you appear instantly warm, humble, approachable, social and friendly. Studies show that often smiling can make you remembered. Just flash a smile that will immediately make other people comfortable with you. Talking with a smiling face helps you to be self-confident even when you are not.


Lastly, regularly practice these strategies to stay confident in your life. The More you practice, the more you will look confident even when you are not. Then with the confidence, you will be able to speak accurately and stand tall between many people.

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