Hello and welcome to our personal finance blog. I started this blog to spread the knowledge we have gained over time and still gaining how to manage our finance, looking for more innovate and efficient ways to save and generate more avenue of revenues.
We initiated our journey in 2016 and kept the blog going for a while and then life happened we got distracted to some personal stuff. However, the thought of restarting the blog has never left our minds. Then I meet this new guy in who was my flatmate. We shared the same dream, connected with each other quickly and he pushed me to restart the TOP INCEPTION again.
Here, we are back again with more energy and refreshed incite of life. Our new ideas and ways that we have collectively gained and experienced. It’s only a start for us. There will be more interesting content and advise will be coming soon.
We hope the content on this blog will bring you all the information required to help you earn more, maybe change your whole life and then you don’t have to worry about money again.
We are a very private person both of us, unlike other bloggers. However, without share many details about us. We could share our knowledge with you all via our blog.