How to decorate your house walls – Top innovative ways

This article specially for the new homeowner and who is renovating their walls and looking for instant ways of decorating home walls and being innovative at the same time.

It’s hard to choose from so many decisions from the market and makes it difficult to choose but we will try to go thru a few tricks and ideas to help you make a cheap and affordable decision.

If you just bought a new home or renovating your walls. And want to change the interior. People are most likely gone with the trending designs and make their decision based on trends. But we forget trends nowadays changing frequently.

The first thing we recommend not go with the trends. Because you’re the one living in the not the trendsetters. As the middle-class family. It’s hard to keep changing as the trend changing spend the hard-earned money. It’s you, who has to live in the home. Your choice and your taste should be the priority setter. The reason being we want to spend for the long term and feel the same mesmerising feeling every time you enter the house. Let be it out of trend.

We suggest finding your taste and your likings. Belittle innovatively and some spice into it. Keep it dull makes it look bad. Don’t be afraid of trying. Choose a wall for experimentation and try to work out.

5 Piece Painting Set

Metal Wall Art

Wall Embedded Aquarium

3D Wall Stickers

Textured Wall paint

Gypsum Ceiling

Try to keep the ceiling in a light uniform colour. Only go for a good chandelier lighting with the colour matching to your walls to amplify the beauty of the room as well. If it’s a big sitting room add small lights to keep the brightness up. You don’t want to hide the work you have done on decorating rooms. Keep it lightened up. You can spice it up with a gypsum ceiling with combo lighting with it. Gives it a 3D look. Heaps of home tried 3D gypsum ceiling and never went back to the 2D ceiling. Gypsum design always goes with the combo of the light. This will give a unique mesmerizing look. It’s so beautiful look that you never wanna move away from your eyes from it.

We suggest adding a surprising element in your interior comparison to the home outside exterior design and landscaping of the surrounding. Have the interior decoration uniformity across. You can add the wall lamp, wall plants, 5 Piece painting, textured paint, Wall embedded and Add the 3D wallpaper of butterfly makes it more alive. Do match colours with the additional wall décor you want to introduce. Do take consideration of your furniture contrast should help to amplify the beauty of the interiors.

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