Top travel hacks – How to save money on your trip

From the day you were born, the human brain is very curious. Curiosity drives exploration. Drives us to travel around and observe and take that new experience and have the sublime experience of exploration and experiencing something new.

Well everyone likes to travel. Here are a few tricks we have explored while travelling which can help you travel on a cheap budget. And more money left in the pocket, more you can explore. Bring the same tricks in a simple manner. No broad explanations. Before planning any trip you can think of start saving money from your personal expenses.


Find out how you can reduce Travel Expenses: 

Do your visas application yourself. No need to use any agent or professionals. By doing it yourself you not just learn and understanding of the immigration system. More you know the system. More you get comfortable with the system.


Do your research and travel off-season. Will save you huge on your ticket. Off-season the rates of accommodation to the food. Everything will be cheap. And services will come to you walking.


Early morning flight’s and mid-night international flights are usually cheap. We don’t need to mention the site. Most of the traveller is already familiar with it. Make sure you do the comparison of the flights seasonally.

Know Your Destination

Know your destination. Where are you going and find out the cheap spot? Basically, everything is available on google. Use backpackers to stay on your visit cheap stays. Concept of a backpacker is available pretty much all around the world. And most of them provide the free Wi-Fi (Icing on the cake). Ask your receptionist to guide you with the locality. And they help get you some cheap travel tricks and get in touch with some local people around. They might be helpful to get you places. That was never on your list. Which will make your travelling experience deeper.

Freelance travel guide

You can find the local freelancer via the internet. This can really help in the second world country. Local people will definitely bring you the unimaginable experience. To put it into simple word will be a very special and rememberable experience.

Hitchhiking, Liveable Van and Travel Bike

Try using the hitchhiking on your interstate inside the country. Will save a lot of money on it. Who knows you might have a one of a kind of experience? They might show you or send you off to the unexplored truth of the region. You can modify the van to fit a mattress in the backside and it is really cool way to travel a very unique experience. You could literally park anywhere that’s your bedroom. And sleeping under the starlight is a sublime experience. This will save a very big chunk of money.

Local Apps to find a place to sleep

Find the local app that helps you crash for cheap in a home-like stay. Most of you would have heard of the Airbnb and Oyo. Couch surfing is another one you can use to find a home to stay cheaper. However, in couch surfing, you have to share the home with the owner they will lend you the couch to stay in and will be very cheap.


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