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25 Best Things You Can Sell to Make Extra Money

With the help of modern technology, making money has become easier nowadays. However, in your house, there are many things to sell to make money. You can use some online websites or pawn shops to sell your stuff.

Nowadays, you can sell anything on your social media without leaving your house. You might not know that your home is full of some things that you can sell to make extra money. Therefore, want to generate money? Here are some of the best things to sell to make money.

1.   Food

If you come from a farmer family or if you have a hobby to do farming, then you can sell your vegetables and fruits at a farmer market to earn extra money. You might not know that it only takes a small room and two weeks to grow some little vegetables known as microgreens. So, start growing microgreens to earn extra money.

2.   Homemade items

There is a website called Etsy, where you can sell vintage items and handmade items. Etsy is the largest platform where you can make up to $70,000 per month.

3.   Garbage

Yes, you heard right, you can also generate money through your garbage. There are some things that you can sell on websites such as eBay. You can sell empty shoes and jewellery boxes as well as baseball card boxes and birch boxes. However, toilet paper and paper towels tubes are in demand nowadays for craft projects.

4.   Games and disks

There are many online websites where you can sell your old technical products like CD’s, DVD’s or games. On these types of website, you have to enter your item’s barcode, and instantly you will get the best offers for your product. You need to enter a minimum of 10 products and have to deliver your products to them for free! They will pay you instantly on the next day after receiving your item.

5.   Makeup

Do you have a beauty product or makeup that you are not using anymore? Then you have to check out some websites where you can sell your beauty products. There are many online websites such as where you can sell your makeup tools. After they receive your product, you will get the best offers for your product in five days.

6.   Sell your photos

Now you can sell your photos on various photography websites. However, these online websites will offer you a percentage or flat fee for every photo sold. Moreover, you can sell your single image multiple times to earn more.

7.   Articles

If you have a writing passion, then you can turn this passion into earning. Many bloggers want to hire writers for their blogs. You can also find clients yourself on various social media platforms.

8.   Gift cards

Gift cards are some other things to sell to make money. Many websites will give you the best offers for your gift cards. So, gift cards are the best things to sell to make money.

9.   Books

Nowadays, eBooks are in demand among a lot of people. Everyone still wants a paperback and hardback book. You can easily make extra cash by selling your used books. Additionally, you can also make money through reading.

10. Other people’s products

You can use your marketing techniques to sell other people’s products on various social platforms. You can use different marketing tactics to sell their products, and if anyone buys that product, you will receive a commission. Moreover, blogging and creating websites is another way to sell their products.

11.  Sporting products

Now you can also sell your used sporting products over various sports platforms including Facebook groups, sporting goods chains and flea markets.

12.  Furniture

No need to throw out your old furniture! You can paint and renovate your old furniture to sell it. Painting and refurbishing your old furniture will double the rate of your furniture. Moreover, money earned will be a helping hand for buying the new furniture.

13.  The product brought from a store

You can buy a product from a regular store at the best price and sell it on Amazon. However, you do not need to worry about order processing. Amazon itself handled all these order processes.

14.  Plasma

There are many plasma collections centres around the world where you can donate your plasma to sick and injured people. You will be paid $20 to $40 for each donation.

15.  Musical instruments

If you are passionate about music and know how to play various musical instruments, then you can easily make money by selling your old musical instruments. You can try selling your musical instruments on eBay.

16.  Wedding dress

If your old wedding dress is taking up space in your wardrobe, then it is time to sell it on various platforms to earn money.

17.  Logos

There are various online platforms where you can sell your logos to earn money. So start designing beautiful logos and submit it for a contest and if they select your logo, you make money.

18.  Academic expertise

There are many academic online websites such as Udemy where you can earn money by creating and sharing your knowledge. You will get paid every time a student purchases one of your courses.

19.  Editing services

You can earn a lot of money through selling your editing services because bloggers and writers are always looking for editorial services at a reasonable price. There are many platforms like freelancing and Fiverr, where you sell these services.

20. Electronics

Don’t need to throw your old smartphone. Now you can sell your electronic products on various online stores such as amazon and Walmart to earn money.

21.  Room in your house

Using websites like Airbnb you can rent out your room to earn money. Renting your home is the best way to make a few dollars to relieve your monthly budget.

22.  Gold and silver

Local jewellers and pawn shops are the best way to sell your precious metal to earn extra cash.

23. Recyclable products

You can make a few dollars by selling recyclable things such as plastic, corks and metal.

24.  Mini services

There are many online websites such as Fiverr, Upwork and freelancer where you can sell your services related to graphic designing, data entry, logos, readings, astrology and many others to earn from your home.

25. Savings bonds

If you have some savings bonds that maybe you have forgotten, then it is the time to redeem them. It has said that billions of dollars of savings bonds have never cashed in.

Bottom line

So, have you found anything that you can sell? Well, I hope that this article will show some things that you can sell to make money. Moreover, there is even a piece of information about how to make money from your house.

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