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15 Unnecessary Expenses to Cut if you Want to Travel More

In the start of the new year, most of the people have listed “Travel more” as their goal. But due to some unnecessary expenses, we have to avoid travelling. My mission here is to help you figure out expenses to avoid while travelling.

However, we probably have several expenses that are pointless. Here are 15 unnecessary expenses you need to cut to travel more.

1.    Branded products

While shopping, buy generic products instead of buying branded products. Moreover, we have to seriously think that why are we spending $7 on hand-washing when we can get that for $1 at Walmart?

We thought branded products are better than generic products, but there is no difference between them. So, do not be seduced by the packaging and labelling. Therefore, branded products are the expenses we need to cut down to travel more.

2.  Eating out for lunch at work

It is going to take your few minutes every evening to pack your lunch for the next day. But it is going to add up while eating out for lunch at work. So, set aside Sunday evening to prepare your lunches for the week.

3.  Makeup and Haircut

We do not need to visit inexpensive Salon every single week and drop too many bucks on makeup or hair cutting. Moreover, you do not have to colour your every month. You can save a lot of money by getting a make box at your home or getting a haircut every six months. So, makeup and hair cuts are also the unnecessary expenses you have to cut down to travel more.

4.  Electricity bills

Electricity can be pricey and used to give us a rude awakening every single month. So be smart while using electricity. For example, turn off the AC or fan when you leave the room. Moreover, take advantage of sunlight instead of using the heater. The best tip is to try to conserve electricity during peak hours to avoid getting a huge electricity bill.

5.  Movie theatres

Movie theatres are expensive and money-sucking machines. The ticket charges are high, but snacks and drinks are a bit more expensive. Instead of visiting movie theatres try to watch movies on Netflix and make yourself some popcorn at home.

6.  Smoking

Smoking is the most unnecessary expense that is going to kill you and your travelling. For example, if you are spending $70 a week on a cigarette. Then it is going to ruin your health and dreams. So, smoking is the expense to avoid while travelling.

7.  Social drinking

It is a normal thing that you buy drinks when you are out and hanging out with your friends. Those wine and beers are going to add up in your unnecessary expenses. Why pay $10 for a glass of beer at a restaurant when you can buy a bottle from a liquor store? Just stick on the water and enjoy your beverages at home.

8.  Upgrading your cell phone

It is not very important to always have a new iPhone. With the iPhone upgrade program, apple makes it easy for you to fall into the trap of upgrading your phone. Instead of paying the full price basically, you can exchange your current phone with a newer version and make a monthly payment. So do not fall in this trap as long as your phone can make calls because they suck you in by not charging interest.

9.  Clothes

You do not have to buy branded clothes or a whole new wardrobe every winter and summer. To create brand new outfits, you can mix match your shoes and clothes. If you are struggling then head over to Pinterest to find different outfits. If you have a shopping addiction, try to shop for non-branded clothes to save money.

10. Gym Membership

There is no point in wasting money on a monthly membership unless you are not going to the gym several times a week. You can find some workout videos on YouTube that you can do in your home comfortably. Moreover, you can bring some gym equipment at your home without spending on expensive gym memberships.

11. Restaurants

Food is necessary, but every time going to the restaurant is unnecessary. It is ok to enjoy your meal outside with your friends and family but occasionally. Just do not make it your habit. Try eating out only two times a week instead of eating out five times a week. You can save a lot of money through this and can use it to learn pasta in Italy. Moreover, there are a lot of recipes on YouTube and Pinterest, so you do not have to be a chef to cook yourself delicious.

12. Cable

I do not understand why people are wasting their money on cables when we can use Netflix or Amazon prime to see videos and shows? The better idea instead of cable, watch videos on YouTube for free or read books.

13.  Nails

Before travelling, most of the girls used to visit the nail salon. It is a good thing to try out new designs and to pamper yourselves. But there is no need to get your nails done every single month.

You can buy some nail polish and paint your nails at home instead of visiting a nail salon every single month.

14.  Car payments

Car payments are just a waste of money. The purpose of a car is to get you from one place to another, but we try to impress people with a luxury car and stay at home. It is a fact that we have to pay $600 on a vehicle every month and this amount is going to prevent you from travelling.

15.  Coffee

We live in coffee culture, and if you don’t drink coffee then you are not cool anymore. It’s easy to walk into Starbucks and order a Venti, two shots of hazelnut and five shots of vanilla. It’s an unnecessary expense that will ruin your travelling.


In this article, we have shown you 15 easy ways to cut expenses to save more money to travel. So, challenge yourself and push yourself harder to start making steps to eliminate these expenses to travel more. Also, you can learn how you can travel alone in our other article.

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